ia ​aims to​​​​ ​bring you ​more of installation arts

​The mission of ia is to bring together the artists, curators, galleries, museums, journalists and art lovers ​in the field of ​installation art. Since ​installation art ​a broad term, i​a is especially ​interested in bringing you installations that integrate engineering & technology into arts. 

​We ​are creating a platform for ​discovering artworks, exhibitions, festivals and happenings in the field of art installations of various kinds: public art, light art, audio visual installations, burning man art, interactive installations, kinetic sculptures, new media art.

The vision of ia is to become the go-to-place to find your next opportunity to experience art installations and find relevant people in this space. ​You can think of art discovery, artist discovery, art travels, finding team mates like engineers or fellow artists to accomplish your dream,  Virtual Reality tour, you name it.

Talking about ​the vision, if you feel ​it resonates with you, ​consider joining us

​​about the ​founders

​​With ​a ​degree in electrical engineering​​ Rando creates audio, light and video installations ​as a hobby. He has this unexplained desire ​to express himself ​through creation, I'm sure you know the feeling. Spending time ​around ​art installations makes ​him feel inspired and somewhat high, so it's an addiction I guess. He believes ​installation art is ​a powerful way ​unlock your inspiration, get ​you uplifted ​and accomplish more of ​whatever ​your heart desires​. ​

One of the most exciting aspect of installation art for Rando is that in addition to creativity it often requires ​skills in engineering, mixing various technologies, programming and team work.

Talking about team work, if you feel you resonate with ia concept, you are welcome to join

​​​initiator of ia

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