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Boost Your Inspiration in Installation Art

What is ia in the world of installation art?

ia is a vibrant online initiative dedicated to cutting edge installation art from around the globe.

From glistening bridges of mirrored light to prismatic towers of digital data, we focus on the intersections between art and engineering, bringing you modern historical essays, interviews, blog updates and streaming of international exhibitions, festivals and events as they happen all around the world.

As a constantly evolving field of study, we will examine the latest trends and bring you updates on installation art in a series of categories: interactive installations, light art, public art, audio-visual installations, burning man art, kinetic sculptures and new media art, as well as highlighting the many exciting and experimental overlaps between these areas.

art installation where arts meets engineering installationart.tv

Metamorphosis by Miao Xiaochung incorporates some decent engineering work into the creative idea

The future is now
where arts meets engineering

Artists at the forefront of technology today are blending impressive feats of engineering with artistic concept, leading us to the future with sensorial, immersive installation art. Within each of our categories standout artists lead the way for future generations to follow. Artists creating interactive art today continue to push boundaries into new realms, where visitors can step in and really become a part of the artwork. They explore various techniques including sensors that trigger delicate patterns of light, complex installation rooms filled with sensorial, reflective surfaces or computer screens asking to be touched. Some even allow us to enter into futuristic, digital realms through virtual reality, where we can see alternate, simulated versions of ourselves.

kinetic sculptire art installation installationart.tv

The Statue of Franz Kafka by David Černy is a kinetic sculpture situated in Prague, it is 11 meters tall and made of 42 rotating stainless steel panels

Kinetic art practitioners
evolve with technology

Leading practitioners of kinetic art continue to expand and evolve their ideas as technology develops. In many of today’s most powerful examples of public art we see revolving rotors that allow wind to generate energy and movement, harnessing the natural energy around us. Other artists look to the future with motorised robotics, creating strange hybrid creatures or surreal moving forms. Some also blend elements of movement with other media, creating mechanical wonders such as drawing or painting machines with a spirited life of their own.

public art installation installationart.tv

Blue Bear in Denver peeps into office building

Public art installations
get you without a notice

In the arena of public art, artists produce powerful symbols of technology and industry, often on a vast scale.  Along with traditional sculptural forms, more recently we see artists fusing public art with elements of other media, including light art, kinetics, sound and performance. Every year the Burning Man art festival takes public art one stage further; in a series of cooperative constructions, seemingly invincible installation art structures swelter in the blistering desert heat before dissolving into flames and dust in the ultimate act of self-destruction.

immersive new media art installation by Fubiz installationart.tv

Immersive and interactive new media art installation by Fubiz

New media art installations
explore new avenues

Pioneers of new media art combine multi-media technology such as projection mapping, software engineering and graphic design to create interactive, engaging installation art at the forefront of technology. Leaders in audio-visual art create breath-taking virtual realities that combine digital, visual material with experimental sound and music, to be viewed as VJ performances or as art installations in a wide variety of locations. Light art often plays a key role in new media art, allowing artists to produce atmospheric, otherworldy installations that can puncture the darkness with temporal, fractured light.

installation by R Studios at art festival Coachella

Supernova by Robert Bahr & Rosario Marquardt at Coachella Music & Arts Festival, 2018

Art festivals and events
travel to experience the best

Festivals that celebrate this ever-expanding field continue to spring up around the world. These include MADATAC: International Contemporary Festival of Digital, Audio-visual and New Media Art in Madrid in January, an annual, 10 day event at the heart of the city that celebrates the intersections between digital culture, technology, engineering and installation art. Installation art also breathes life into the dark, frozen streets of Amsterdam every winter for the Amsterdam Festival of Light, as a magical display of ghostly colours and forms ignite across the city. Every Autumn Kinetica Art Fair celebrates interdisciplinary new media art with astounding displays that look to the future with the latest trends in kinetic art, light art and audio-visual art, revealing the catalystic spark between art, science and technology.

installation art center for artists and visitors to experience contemporary arts installationart.tv

Ars Electronica Centre in Austria for artis residencies as well as spectators to experience great pieces of contemporary arts

Art centers, galleries & museums of contemporary art
for presenting & spectating art

Galleries that celebrate this ever-expanding field of art and engineering exist in international locations: ICA, Arcadia Missa and Furtherfield in London, the New Museum in the United States, ZKM Centre for Art and Media in Germany, Ars Electronica Centre in Austria, HeK, Haus der elektronischen Kunste in Switzerland, InterComunication Centre in Tokyo, LABoral Centre for Art and Industrial Creation in Gijon, Bildmuseet in Sweden and many, many more.

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installation art the wuture was now by daniel arsham installationart.tv